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7/20/2015 - I just wanted to drop a note of appreciation for the service we received last week.  Brad took excellent care of us, Mary-Dale was very thorough and we are really enjoying the new car.  The process was managed professionally and was as painless as dropping $32K could possibly be…  Again, thanks very much for extending a warm welcome and first-rate customer service.  Brad did your dealership proud.

6/12/2015 - Very accommodating! Unlike other car dealerships, openroad Mazda made  us feel very comfortable. Thanks to Ben for being such an amazing sales agent.

6/12/2015 - I was in a terrible car accident with my new Mazda 3. Open Road Port  Moody helped me with all  the paperwork to get me quickly into a new Mazda 5 and get me on the road again! Everyone at this  dealership is awesome...and Just so you mazda 3 saved my life! My car was a write off but because of all the  safety features, I am able to  write this survey! Go Mazda!    

6/17/2015 - Jonathan is always a delight to deal with; a great ambassador for the dealership and the brand.

6/24/2015 - The gents on the reception were extremely helpful and courteous. Enjoyable experience.

6/24/2015 - Very satisfied with my visit.  I appreciate the effort you  are taking to ask about concerns. Thanks

6/17/2015 - Just want to say a special thanks to Ben in walking me through the whole process of purchasing my Mazda 3.

6/26/2015 - Frank did an excellent job in providing  us with the options and information  needed to for us to buy a Mazda. Thank  you!

6/26/2015 - This was my first service appointment on my new vehicle.  It was set up at the time of purchase, confirmed etc through e-mail.  I had to drop off my vehicle before school even though my appointment was not until the afternoon.  During the course of the morning I received a message to say my car was ready for pick-up.  Why I was dealing with payment etc, my car was moved closer into a shaded area and all windows opened to cool it down on what was a blistering hot day.  Very considerate people.

6/17/2015 - During servicing there were accessories on display to demonstrate possible cosmetic upgrades and full line of new cars to ponder. Coffee bar was well equipped unlike previous dealerships.